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Featuring 1024 DMX channels (expandable to 2048), 4 XLR connectors, a sleek bi-color housing and a backlit keyboard, the new LD Suite offers a powerful experience with SunSuite and a user friendly interaction with ESA2 and LumiDesk.The 3 included software packages can deliver a wide range of lighting control solutions.
The new LD SUITE product includes our new generation of DMX interface and an attractive software bundle. (Lumidesk for Windows, SunSuite for Windows, ESA2 for MacOs and Windows)
Featuring 1024 DMX channels out of the box, the interface can be upgraded to 2048 channels, in addition to: Contact Closure Ports, Time/Calendar triggering, RDM and Artnet.
Along with its bi-color sleek design, the smart LD SUITE box provides a backlit keyboard, 4 DMX connectors, an ethernet port and a protected USB C connector.
Easy, powerful and sleek are the main points of LD SUITE's success.
The LD SUITE comes with a microSD card for stand-alone memory, allowing for programmed shows to be run in stand-alone without a computer. This powerful feature is perfect for smaller shows where a computer is not needed, as a backup in case of computer failure, for rental applications or for architectural installations.
The stand-alone memory can be programmed with all software (Lumidesk for Windows, SunSuite for Windows, ESA2 for Mac) You can store up to 99 scenes accessible with the two next/previous buttons. The first 10 scenes can be called up directly via the backlit keyboard.

DMX channels: 1024 (exp. to 2048)*
ArtNet channels: Optional*
Lumidesk (PC): Full
SunSuite (PC): Full
ESA2 (PC,Mac): Full
MIDI triggers: Yes
EasyRemote app: Yes

DMX channels: 512 (exp. to 2048)*
Memory: SD Card
Zones / Sequences: 5 / 99
Clock/Calendar triggers: Optional*
16 Contact Closure Ports: Optional*

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