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• MADRIX NEBULA is a hardware interface to control your digital LED strips, LED stripes, and LED tape
• Supports a wide range of LEDs: APA101 / APA102 / APA104 / APA106 / GS8207 / GW6201 / GW6205 / LPD1882S / LPD6803 / LPD8806 / MBI6120 / P9883 / SJ1221 / SK6812 / SK6822 / SM16703 / SM16716 / TLS3001 / TLS3008 / TM1804 / TM1809 / TM1812 / TM1814 / TM1829 / UCS1903 / UCS2903 / UCS512B3 / UCS8904 / UCS9812S / WS2801 / WS2803 / WS2811 / WS2811S / WS2812 / WS2812B / WS2813 / WS2815 / WS2818 / WS2822S / WS2822S Addressing (As of March 2019)
• Additional LED types will be supported with future firmware updates
• Drives up to 1360 RGB pixels (8 DMX universes / 4096 DMX Channels / 4096 single-color pixels / 1024 RGBW pixels) distributed equally over 2 ports
• Supports a signal frequency of up to 24 MHz
• The output protocol can be set separately for each of the 2 ports
• Directly connects to the LEDs via 4-pin, pluggable screw terminals
• Provides flexible power options: over USB (5 V) or via screw terminal (5 V to 24 V) as well as routing through to LEDs with up to 6 A maximum load per port with various options on how to connect LEDs, power, and MADRIX NEBULA
• Receives data over Ethernet network (Art-Net and/or Streaming ACN)
• Can also be used as MADRIX USB interface
• Works great with the MADRIX Software with quick and easy installation (sold separately)
• Sync Mode: MADRIX Software and hardware allow you to synchronize Art-Net data for all output ports and even across multiple devices to get an optimal image on the LEDs without visual interruptions
• Complies with the official specifications of Art-Net and Streaming ACN and can be used as regular network unit with other 3rd-party consoles, controllers, or software solutions
• Automatic HTP merging for two Ethernet sources
• 2 Ethernet ports with daisy-chain support for the data connection without using a separate network switch or router
• Useful settings for channels per universe, channel offset, channel order, and output in case of network connection loss, and more
• 9 status LEDs, which can be turned off
• Built-in web page for simple on-device configuration
• Can be mounted on 35-mm DIN rails or walls via the provided wall-mount brackets
• Ready within seconds after startup
• Recommended for any small or large project
• Multiple devices can be used together without problems
• The firmware can be updated for future features and enhancements and enhancements and enhancements and enhancements and enhancements
• Quick start guide / technical manual available in English and German
• User manuals also available at help.madrix.com
• Made in Germany
• More information available at www.madrix.com
• Can transmit up to 4096 DMX channels
• The device is cooled by passive convection
• Made in Germany

Power supply: 5-24 V DC
IP classification: IP20
Power connection: Mains input via USB, type B power supply cord for USB A mains connection (provided)
DMX channels: Output 4096
Cooling: Passive convection
USB port: USB 2.0, Typ B
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 9,2 cm
Height: 4,5 cm
Weight: 270 g

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