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Pasivna zvučna kutija IP5CX SOLTON

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IP 5 CX is an ultra-compact coaxial two-way high performance loudspeaker for applications requiring good acoustic and power handling characteristcs, and minimun visual impact. It provides wide but precise coverage distortion free up to level of 117 dB.
Multiple mounting options (U-bracket included in delivery as standard) and connection possibilities make the IP 5CX a very efficient sound reinforcement tool for a wide range of near field applications in fix installed and mobile use.

● Bullet point High resolution coaxial 2-way design with 1" HF driver
● Bullet point Ultra Compact design
● Bullet point 90° x 90° nominal coverage
● Bullet point Passive fullrange operation
● Bullet point U-bracket included in delivery (as standard)
● Bullet point 3/8“ Pole mount socket
● Bullet point Monitor angle (45°)
● Bullet point Weight only 2,6 kg

Loudspeaker Type: Two-way, Passive, 5" coaxial, monitor angle 45°
Frequency Range (-10dB): 95 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response (+- 3dB): 105 Hz – 18 kHz
Coverage Pattern: 100° x 100° Conical
Power Handling: 80 W continuous, 160 W program
System Sensitivity (1w/1m): 92 dB
Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m): 117 dB peak
HF Driver: 1" VC
LF Driver: 5" aaCRAAFT
Nominal Impedance: 16 ohms
Crossover: 2,2 kHz
Protection: n/a
Active Tuning / Features: n/a
Enclosure: Multi-angle, 10mm plywood
Finish: Black textured paint
Fittings: 1x Flange 3/8“ pole mount socket, U Bracket
Protective Grille: Black perforated steel with acoustic transparent foam backing
Connectors: 2 x NL 4, Terminal strip
Dimensions mm (WxHxD): 185 x 185 x 170
Weight: 2,6 kg

● Bullet point Front Fill Cinema / Theater
● Bullet point FX Speakers
● Bullet point Nearfield Monitors
● Bullet point Convention Centers
● Bullet point Bars and restaurants
● Bullet point Nightclubs
● Bullet point Studio Monitors
● Bullet point Broadcast Monitors
● Bullet point Mobile Conference

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