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Audio mikseta A4 Xtuga

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The mixer is a multi-purpose 4-channel mixer with a sound card that can be meet users of home music production, webcast, K song and other needs.
The mixer is equipped with input gain and high bass adjustment, built-in 48V phan tom power supply for condenser microphone direct power supply, high-definition headset output port, MP3 broadcast, device with a sound card can be directly connected to the PC
Mixer compact, lightweight, can be directly connected to the PC's USB port power supply,No additional power, can be connected to the computer through the USB power supply to run.
With the trouble with an external adapter, you can also use the mobile power or USB AC / DC.The adapter is powered by the adapter.
Accurate logarithmic dual 10 LED level display
MP3 module, USB interface and display
Built-in switching power supply support (AC100-240V AC) flexible, low power consumption
Size: 185x150x55mm
Colour: Black

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